Da Potion Drinks was founded in the year 2020, the year when the world stopped and turned upside down, the year when people all over the world tapped into their hobbies and creative minds. Towards the end of the lockdown, we (the founders) had a few friends over and decided to make alcoholic beverages as playing PlayStation and watching movies became repetitive. The night was going well and the drinks we created shocked us and our guests as this was very new to us. A while later, We then made our drinks again and had them stored in the fridge. Our barber visited the house for an at-home appointment and out of courtesy, we offered him a drink. He happened to pick our homemade cocktails and had a taste test. Immediately he advised us to sell the drink to the public and if not give him the recipe. We laughed it off however it then made us come to the point of realisation that we have a good product and had to share it with the world. 


Being in the kitchen trying and testing different recipes made us feel like a scientist, this is where we got our final name from. We eventually came up with four exciting flavours; Sunset Effect, Tropical Blast, Purple Pain, and Melon Creeper. Our premium drinks packaged in glass bottles include a blend of exotic fruits and either  Vodka or Rum. Since then our drinks have been purchased for every and any occasion whether it be a chilled night in, date nights, pre-drinks, parties and events. We have also held two events of our own.